Sunday, September 21, 2008

Une Petite Promenade (A little walk)...and photos for you

I took a little walk around Cabestany today. I had planned on going to a movie, but I didn't wake up until noon (after not sleeping between the hours of 3 and 7), and didn't feel like rushing. It is really beautiful here, and it seems to be always sunny. The weather forecast predicts rain for the next few days, but we'll see.

The walk was uneventful, except for the man I saw sitting in his window wearing what looked to be a pink dress, and the two teenage boys on bikes who asked me the time, quite politely. I don't know if it was American or French to ignore them, but I did. I am uploading pictures to Google, so here is the link:

Enjoy, Chelsea. There's your bread! I am always overly cautious about being "touristy" in places I do not live, which means that I absolutely hate taking pictures of things when on vacation or in a new place. It's kind of weird, because I will take pictures of things in the city I live in, but it changes once I am new to an area. I suppose I will have to get over this, for your sakes. Also, I should realize that I live here now. I am not a tourist. Nevertheless, I tried painstakingly to only take pictures when there was no one around to witness it. Hence the obvious lack of French people in my pictures.


Lyla said...

Ash, Love the pic of you and the French bread. Very cute!!! Your pictures really "say" you're in France. The old buildings are awesome. Next pics I'd like to see once you move in is your flat and where you'll be staying while you're teaching. I love you daughter...lots of hugs being sent your way, Mom

Chelsea said...

YUM! That bread does look fabulous. Also, I like that your pictures make the city look totally deserted (post-zombie invasion or something).

Heather said...

yeah seriously dude, creepy post-chemical-warfare photos where all the people are gone but the buildings are all intact. Put yourself in 'em! I wanna make sure that it's still You down there and not someone who has stolen your blog, your camera, and your soul. Have fun in your new home! And forget the bread... Tell me about the Cheeeese!!!