Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Homesick Holiday Blues

Here's a list of the things I miss about home, leaving out the obvious (friends, family, boyfriend, cat...):
1. Grocery stores
2. Businesses' hours (all-night grocery stores, eat-whenever-you-want restaurants, etc.)
3. Clean toilets that you don't have to pay for
4. Water fountains
5. Seasons
6. Thanksgiving, Halloween, and any other holiday I am going to miss
7. Cooking in my own kitchen, with dishes and utensils and ingredients that I have
8. Baking powder and baking soda (I can't find them in France, which means I can't bake in France.)
9. Dick's Drive-in, Boomer's, and any other burger joint
10. Thai food
11. Sushi
12. Mexican food
13. Bellingham's public transportation
14. Internet
15. Knowing where things are in town, or being able to find them easily
16. Grocery shopping with a car
17. Being articulate, i.e. not sounding like a five year old when I speak
18. The Food Network

That's all for now. I'll probably add to the list later.


Chelsea said...

People I miss:


B-Gabbard Fam said...

You should have wrote this earlier! I so would have stuck some baking essentials and fallen leaves in your care package!! I love you and miss you! ~Mess

Heather said...

Now really, let's look at this logically. Do the French bake in France? Um... yes. Where else would the classic "french bread" come from? Or how would the famous line "let them eat cake!" come about if they couldn't bake cakes? Now, I came into a similar problem in S. America where both baking soda and baking powder seemed a thing of the past, but they still baked down there. How is that possible, one might ask...
Luckily for you, you speak French. Luckily for you, they have french cookbooks! (and probably even recipes online). I'm guessing, that within the pages (whether virtual or physical) of these cookbooks, you can learn Why there's no baking soda/powder. My answer in the deep South was; it's in the flour! Just use Their recipes to bake in Their country, and viola! (French!!) Baking!! Go Native!!

Joanne said...

Listen to Heather's wise words. Since the French do in fact bake, as we have seen in your pictures, there must be some way of making that dough rise. Ask a French friend.

We miss you too. There will be an Ashley-shaped hole in our holidays this year. ~Joanne

Lyla said...

I bet you get stocked up with baking essentials when Soe, Carl & Ian visit for Christmas. Scarlet and you can bake it up for your 2 guys. Has the care package arrived? I just got caught up on reading your blog. It's fun to wait awhile and then read up on what's been happening with you in France. I am often reminded of you when I see little blond girls...once I smiled as a cute (just like you) little blond was attempting a whistle to gain praise while walking down the grocery aisle with her mommy. It was so cute and she looked so much like you when you were small. It is so amazing to me that you are now in France, so far away, on this wonderful adventure and that I am able to read your blog and give you praise not as a little girl but as a grown woman/daughter. I am proud of you Ashley and reading doesn't bring you closer to home, but it's almost like you're here with us while reading...
I miss you so much...
Love, Mom