Friday, December 5, 2008

I have been taking pictures of some of the graffiti present around Perpignan for the past few weeks. While some of it is in French, the majority is written in English, and all I can do is wish that my students used the language as often in class as they seem to do with their tagging pens and spray paint cans out on the street.

Also, I suppose I should feel like they are paying some attention in English class, since they are using the language outside of class, although none of the teachers I work with have ever gone over the word "westside". Huh.


Ian said...

Kahh Day?
Fall Day?
Kall Day?

Heather said...

Ian, for some reason I'm guessing that last one might have been "Fuck all day" with the "FUC" missing due to small photo. Yeah?

Ashley said...

I'm not sure what it said...I can't remember. But I think if it had said "fuck all day", I would have taken a full photo of it. Which leads me to believe that the first word made no sense, and was perhaps someone's tag name? I'll let you know--it's on one of the buses that I ride all the time.