Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best. Week. Ever.

You know that one VH1 (I think, anyway) program called Best Week Ever, where they (every week) go over the week’s events, and talk about why it was the best week ever? But usually, it wasn’t the best week ever, it was just a normal week? Or, alternatively, it was actually a really crappy week, and all of the events that they talk about are really horrible tragedies that mark the week’s main events (like a natural disaster or the Israeli military invading Palestine)? That was like my week.

Let me tell you why this week was the Best Week Ever. I should preface this by saying that two weeks ago, when I got back from Christmas vacation, I had internet. Three months of waiting, and I finally get a service that apparently isn’t as easy to come by as I had assumed. The first week was great—youtube videos in my pajamas in bed, not having to make lists of things I wanted to look up on the internet, finding out the weather without having to open my window. It was perfect.

Two weeks later, my computer died. Straight –up died. We’re talking Blue Screen of Death and nothing else. After four days of freaking out, crying, and fretting over the $350 price quote that Dell gave me, Ian’s mom figured out (by having me run some diagnostics that were way over my head) that it is most likely just a problem with the memory, which I can easily (and hopefully cheaply) have fixed in France.

Until I call computer repair stores at random from the Pages Jaunes (Yellow Pages) and ask if they can switch out my mémoire, I am stuck using Karen’s (graciously donated) piece of shit laptop. That’s really the only reason why I had the Best Week Ever. The irony gods show me no mercy, and my string of bad luck in France continues: two weeks of internet before being left computer-less.

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Chelsea said...

Oh, Best Week Ever. I really like that show. I also really like you. And I'm crying for your computer, since it was so pretty and red and named Ruby like my car (right?).