Sunday, February 15, 2009

I can't help it...I'm a list-er.

List of things I never used to do before moving to Europe, but that I do all the time now:

  1. Dry my clothes on radiators.
  2. Run outside in a tank top in February and then sit in the sun for half an hour before going inside.
  3. Spend less than $5 on amazing bottles of wine.
  4. Buy baguettes almost daily.
  5. Sit at caf├ęs on a (more than) weekly basis, drinking coffee from a “for-here” cup.
  6. Legitimately buy groceries at markets.
  7. Text—soooo much cheaper than actually calling people.
  8. Cry on the phone to random strangers whilst trying to sort out internet.
  9. End up at random festivals on the beach or in the mountains, getting chased by bears or offered free wine.
  10. Wait. A lot.
  11. Hang out in high schools. Almost all the assistants I know live inside high school campuses.

List of things I used to do all the time before moving to Europe, but that I never/rarely do now:

  1. Eat burgers, and any sort of take-out or ethnic food.
  2. Get a latte to go.
  3. Cuddle with a cat.
  4. Do laundry at home.
  5. Spend too much time in a crafts store.
  6. Watch the Food Network.
  7. Undertake far too ambitious dinners (my studio kitchen is MUCH too small).
  8. Take a car to the grocery store.
  9. See family.
  10. Hang out on university campuses.
  11. Homework.

And one thing I did in America and still do in Europe (this may actually be the ONLY similarity between my experiences on the two sides of this earth):

  1. Listen to the “This American Life” podcast on the bus on my way to work.


Chelsea said...

I don't know...that list kinda tips me in favor of life over there. Maybe if you added me to the list of things you used to "do" in America (and by that I mean hang out with/drink wine with/cook for/gossip with) then I would feel differently.

Scar said...

I would have to agree. Way cooler to dry your clothes on a radiator than drive a car to the grocery store :)