Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Having a GREAT Time!

Oh man this past week has been a whirlwind of activity and leisure. Pure leisure. Greg has come and gone, leaving three heart-broken Americans, three heart-broken English girls, and two English boys who probably are jealous they aren't as nice and American as Greg is. Ashley, Kili, and I are now biding time until leaving for sunny beautiful Portugal on Monday.

We met Greg at the station last Sunday night, and lugged he and his suitcase back to my little studio from some freshly baked chicken pot pie and chocolate cheesecake for dessert. The next day, we lunched at the Ladies' favorite lunching spot, Le Petit Delice (the Little Delicacy). We're regulars. The days that I worked (Tuesday and Thursday) were rather uneventful for me, although the other three Yanks walked around Perps and took beautiful pictures of my lovely dirty city.

On Wednesday, we spontaneously decided to take a train to Beziers (where we got stuck in the hurricane) to see another assistant that lives there, and our friend Will that we met during the hurricane. The weather in Perps was lovely, and so we got on the train and made it to a cloudy, cold, and windy Bez. Apparently Emma, Karen, Alice, and I bring the hurricane with us. We lunched (again with the lunching. No wonder I am skint!) at a cute little Breton creperie. Greg brought his super sexy Canon digital SLR that we all took turns playing with (on a sidenote, I accidentally dropped my camera and broke it irreparably...Which means that I haven't been taking pictures for the past few weeks, even though we have been doing lovely things. I have Ashley's photos, Kili's photos, and some of Greg's that I will be posting, though, so you'll still get to see my bright shiny face in new pics. Fret not.) and a great time was had by all. After lunch we walked across the square (called Place des Bons Amis--Square of Good Friends) towards the cathedral to catch a breathtaking view of Beziers and a beautiful old church, apparently closed for lunchtime. Only in France. Only in France.

After lunch, we went to a cafe/bar on the main square in Bez. The bar is on France's historic bar list, and has been in business for over a hundred years now. The bartenders are friends with Will, and so we got great service and lots of laughs. It literally was one of the best afternoons ever.

The rest of the week in Perps was spent working, gearing up for Barcelona, and standing on the lawns down by the canal in Perps exclaiming, "I'm having a GREAT time!" to anyone who would listen. On Friday morning we left for Barcelona, where we spent a lovely, hectic, fun-filled and rainy weekend. If I continue to go to Barcelona and adhere to the go-out-late-and-get-in-early lifestyle, I think that city might actually kill me someday.

This time in Barcelona, I did not get ice cream thrown at me, nor did anyone call me a 'pussyhole' (although I was called a bitch while walking down La Rambla). We visited the Gothic Quarter, the Boqueria (a beautiful open air food market), Park Guell and the Sagrada Familia (both designed by Gaudi), the waterfront/port area, and just walked around a bunch. Barcelona is beautiful and dirty and hectic and crazy and contains such good food and so many people and so many beautiful things.

We returned to Perps late Sunday evening, made savoury crepes, and rushed Greg to the train station, where a gaggle of girls bid him farewell, and made him promise to come to England to visit next summer.

End of line.

And scene...


Chelsea said...

End of line. HAHAHA. I'm so glad you through that in there.

Also, "skint?" WTF. Learn to talk right before you come back, ya hear?

Chelsea said...

And by "through" I meant "threw." Yes, I am 10 weeks away from being a Master of English.