Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ocean Breathes Salty

I found the Atlantic Ocean today. Unfortunately, so did thousands of other people. The nice sandy beaches in the Hamptons (I actually went to the Hamptons. Eee!) were literally covered in pasty and not-so-pasty American bodies and beach umbrellas (who uses beach umbrellas? apparently everyone on the East Coast) and so Ian and I headed a bit further north up the coastal highway to some rockier, less-populated beaches. Here is what I found:
It's funny to see the Atlantic from this side of it--I've never been in American Atlantic waters. The water was fairly warm, actually, but full of seaweed. It also tasted saltier than any ocean I'd ever been in before, but it's possible I am imagining that.

On the drive there, we stopped at a beachside food shack, adveritising the best lobster rolls in New Hampshire. I'd been wanting one since we came here and saw lobsters EVERYWHERE, and we sat at a picnic table in the sun to eat. It was delicious, and HUGE. Unfortunately, it contained mayonnaise, and I was unable to share it with my partner in crime. I think I threw away about $7 worth of lobster today.

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