Monday, February 15, 2010

Again with the recycling?

If you'll remember back to last year, when I complained about the recycling situation in France, you might not want to read this one. It will seem redundant. Deja vu? Perhaps.

Last week, Ian and I took our garbage and recycling out, only to find the absence of the recycling containers. They have not reappeared. In fact, it seems that they will not reappear, as our property management company has recently switched garbage collection...alliances? (I have no idea what to call that relationship...) The current garbage collectors do not, apparently, "support" recycling.

How do you not "support" recycling? And how does a property management company that prides itself on being green sign up for business with a garbage collection company that clearly and emphatically does not?

Green, my ass, California Property Management. I just threw 5 aluminum cans into the garbage can and part of me died inside. Between France and New Hampshire, I'm not sure how much Northwest will be left in me by the time I'm back.

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