Thursday, February 18, 2010

If I had....

On a drive to Target recently, a poet friend of mine said, "If I had unlimited money, I would buy a new razor every day." I thought it odd, but he actually might be on to something. Think about that edge!

I realized something on my flight to Albuquerque last week. I read a twenty page theoretical article by Gayatri Spivak, a post-colonial theorist who makes no attempts to move away from the esoteric, and understood it almost immediately.

This is no small feat. I struggle with Spivak. I'm reading back over the article now, and cannot for the life of me grasp that understanding I had on the plane. I am led to one conclusion, and one conclusion only.

Planes are the best place to do homework. Ever.

Since I've already betrayed my unabashed love for Lost, I do not feel too embarrassed to think that if only I, too, had received unlimited mileage from Oceanic Airlines, I would be the smartest. person. ever.

Now who's gonna pay for my flights so that I can graduate from this Masters program?


Ian D said...

I will buy you a difficult book and a plane ticket to a distant location every week.

Chelsea said...

That's only because he is hoping you will crash on an island and it will be just like Penny and Desmond in Lost. No, Ian. No.

Ian D said...

But--but--being unstuck in time would be awesome!