Monday, February 1, 2010


I have a proposition to make, Yellow. Let's trade-off. Remember that month of blogging you finished? Those 31 days where you blogged, religiously, doggedly, despite student papers and conferences and your own work? I'm tempted to say it's my turn now.

I know February is shorter. I know 28 days is nothing like 31. But 28 days of blogging may well be more posts than I wrote for the entire 2009 year.

I'll try. I won't make any promises. And perhaps, just maybe, we'll make it to March. And one of us will continue.

And hey, if nothing else, it'll make Chelsea happy.


Joanne said...

Oh yes! Great idea. You've introduced me to Yellow and now I'm facing withdrawal. Pick up the baton!

Yellow said...

Perfect! I'm looking forward to your posts, and it might be just the push to keep going. So exciting.

Chelsea said...

WIN! I am totally down with you two pushing each other to I can continue to comment religiously while ignoring my own blog. How is it that I can love reading blogs so much, but hate, hate, hate to maintain my own?