Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's Be Positive

I realize, in looking at my past two blog posts, that they have been rather...negative, shall we say? And, it being the month of November, which is not only

1. National Blog Posting Month
2. National Pomegranate Month
3. National Novel Writing Month

but also the month of Thanksgiving, I thought I needed to change things up. It is a time, of course, for being thankful and for being positive and loving instead of complaining about highlighters and herstories.

(As an interesting sidenote, in ninth grade I wrote a column for the school newspaper called "Rita's Rants & Raves." The nom de plume was to protect the innocent. I mostly just complained a lot, and once tried to write a "rave" to balance things out. It was a total and utter failure.)

A few people I know are updating their facebook statuses daily with something new they are thankful for each day, and while I refuse to spend all of NaBloPoMo listing things like "pumpkins," "kitchen blogs," and "hours under blankets watching movies," I will spend today telling you why I am most anxious to return home, and also why I am thankful for a home to return home to.

This morning before leaving for work, I put together this, which I intend to pair with this and some incredibly hard to come by--in New Hampshire anyway--corn tortillas. I am heading home after a long 8 hour day combination of school and class and shuttling back in forth with a delicious meal, and I will share it with a friend of mine, while I tutor him in French for his upcoming language exam. We will also drink a bottle of Nick Cage's uncle's wine, which was on sale at Hannaford yesterday, and it will be lovely.

And that, my friends, is what a wonderful day looks like. I might dread the remaining seven hours I have left on campus, but it will make walking into an apartment full of delicious ropa vieja even more satisfying, no?

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Chelsea said...

Yummmmm. Also, I love Hannaford.