Saturday, November 6, 2010

To Patrick Mahoney, on Your Birthday

Almost two weeks ago, a new MFA student who entered the poetry program this fall was struck by a car on a nighttime bike ride to his home on the coast of New Hampshire. He has since been in the hospital in a coma.

Today, he is 27 years old. Today, he should be attending a party being held in his honor (1/3 of it, I suppose, since we have a few birthdays around this time of year), and showing us some Irish dance steps, but he has not made it out of the ICU.

He has many more students to teach, many more poems to write, and a closetful (I'm assuming) of wonderful knits that I am looking forward to seeing this winter.

Just keep wiggling your big toe, Patrick.


Ian D said...

Yeah, go Patrick!! Also, seriously, that dude can dress.

Scar said...

whoa is this your friend patrick? i didn't know this! how is he doing?