Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fah Who Foraze

Welcome, December. I'm glad you are here. Good riddance to a terribly busy month (with a lovely time with Emma, of course, but busy nonetheless) and a horrible academic time in November.

Good riddance to writing a blog post a day in the worst possible month of the year to do so, and good riddance to pumpkins.

Welcome, snowflakes and reindeer and Santa Claus hats. Welcome, final two weeks of the semester and deadlines. Welcome cinnamon and toddies (okay, fine, I've already welcomed you several times over in November), welcome Baby Jesus and fir trees. Welcome frigid temperatures and hats and boots.

I'm so happy to see all of you.


B-Gabbard Fam said...

Most importantly, Baby Jesus.

Chelsea said...

Still...I will miss the daily blog posts.

Ashley said...

ha! Chels, you're amazing. And YES i want to come to the UK. We've decided I need to do it before 2012, cuz the world's ending. So.