Sunday, January 16, 2011

On Life and Death

First, I've discovered my ideal job. That is, until I can become a professor.

I've already lamented the fact that I don't have a blog that can really garner readers. The lack of niche means that strangers probably don't care about that store in Seattle, the fact that I wanted clam chowder, or that I had to write 35 pages last semester. So while I would love to tinker around on this little corner of the web and clack away to my heart's content for money, it's probably next to impossible--at least with this incarnation of my blog.

What I do think there is a market for, however, is a translator for the French women's fashion blogs that I read occasionally. It seems like most of them do their own translations to English, and with many it certainly shows. While they still do garner a significant readership in English-speaking countries, despite their lack of polished language, I think that syntactically and grammatically correct English (while still maintaining the interest of non-native speaker language) could remarkably increase their scope. I'm thinking I charge $50 an hour and find twenty or twenty five French people whose English needs some help. Now I just need to find a way to not offend the style bloggers when I tell them their English is horrendous...


When I die, I want my gravestone (even though I don't want a gravestone and I want to be cremated and scattered somewhere) to read: She was a voracious reader and a fantastic dancer.

That's what I'd like to be remembered for.


Chelsea said...

But what about the drinking and eating? No mention of that?

Also, join tumblr - so much easier to gain stranger followers. I have lots!

lindsey kay said...

what a great tombstone header. i think i want mine to read 'she was never, ever boring. but she probably drank too much'

Ashley said...

Love it! Just...Love it.