Sunday, July 17, 2011


Have I mentioned how much I love treats? After a percocet-less day full of thesis-writing, I feel like I deserve more than one. Several episodes of Buffy, an ice pack, and a pomegranate liqueur gin & tonic later, I am ready for round two of my reward: a modified caprese, Harry Potter 7, and a(nother) quiet night in with my chubby cheeks.

I could pretend to you that the modifications are meant to take it easy on my poor mouth. Honestly, though, the substitution of home-made ricotta--though delicious--may be slightly easier to chew than mozzarella, but really I only used it because the half-used ball of mozz in my refrigerator was sprouting...

I expect that in a few hours, I'll be ready for my third treat, which will consist of a serving of Triple Cookie Fudge Sundae and more of this girl.

Ahhh, I love treats. If only I could justify a fourth one.


Chelsea said...

This is pretty much my life: heavy on the rewards.

audrey said...

you are so sweet! i was like, i wonder who "this girl" is? i'm blushing. and your cocktail sounds AMAZING. and now i want to reread all the harry potters again. your staying in to recover from oral surgery, sadly, sounds like my perfect night in.