Monday, August 8, 2011

Visions of Kili and Ashley


My last morning in New Hampshire, we stood in a mostly empty apartment overlooking the bay, and watched three foxes hunting in the fields below. We ate eggs and English muffins at The Big Bean in the sun before getting in the car.


Kili and I normally get a lot of stares. Usually, I'm not sure why--maybe it's the hand-holding, or the way we get bugs out of each other's eyes.

At a Subway outside of Madison, WI, we got a lot of stares--more than usual. For a while, we were unsure why, until a few miles down the road, when I realized what a vision we made. Picture: Five dollar footlongs. Kili, wearing the biggest sun hat I've ever seen, and I, wearing a bandana tied Aunt Jemima-style, heart-shaped sunglasses, holding a leash attached to a yowling cat. Cat, snubbing her water in a torn styrofoam cup, staring longingly at a car with New Hampshire plates.

A vision
, I tell you.


Two days and over 2,000 miles later, Seattle greets us with traffic and sunshine and missing brake pads and Kanye West on the stereo. I think it's time for us to have a toast.

I'm home.