Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Service

Between yesterday and today, I have spent more time in church than I have in the past seven years. But even one minute is more than zero, so I suppose that's something. Patrick's father's service this morning was about the varying places along what he called everyone's faith journey, about right and mindful living year-round, instead of only during a specific season of giving and love. Every day should be about giving and love, about living rightly and mindfully. Which, even without stopping to think deeply or profoundly about it, is nothing to sneer at, atheist or agnostic or no.

During the offering, a banjo player and a singer performed "Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head," and a woman told me she just loved my style (I love church.).

Tomorrow, we'll drive north to Lynnville, TN, where Patrick's grandaddy is from, to visit places like "Soda Pop Junction" and the Brown family farm. I am full, and happy, and lucky, and about to have another Martha Washington ball. Happy Christmas!

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