Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mixed Media

A few weeks ago, a co-worker stopped by my desk and mentioned that he had seen a news story about circumventing illiteracy in the Egyptian elections through pictographs. The content of our conversation, however, is beside the point. What struck me about that conversation was that he began by saying, "I was watching the news last night--I won't say what channel because it will betray my political beliefs--and..."

What I found to be so astounding about this statement, so utterly confusing and absurd, was the fact that it was said unabashedly, with no hesitation or shame or even consideration for any implications such a statement may have.

I understand that media bias--liberal or conservative or Ron Paul--is unavoidable. But shouldn't our goal as responsible humans be to seek out information, not to immerse ourselves in biases that we admit freely and that do nothing to shake up or question or dispel?

Essentially, what my co-worker's conversation-starter amounted to was an admission that he knows his news aligns perfectly with his political beliefs and he likes it that way. No questions asked. No wonder America is falling apart at its seams.

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