Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Proper Preposition is "b(u)y" not "on": Accidental Sustainability

Accidentally or not, I am buying almost entirely local & small-business this Christmas. Two gifts I purchased online, from larger retailers--one, admittedly, that I could have probably found in a local shop somewhere in Seattle, hand-crafted by artisans, forged by Dave Matthews and christened by John Richards of KEXP fame. Or something. But the other, from Amazon, is not the kind of thing that can be pulled from the earth in Seattle. Mum's the word on that one until December 26th.

But for the most part, I am purchasing my gifts at small stores, local businesses, and from vintage & hand-made shops on Etsy. Two of the gifts are used (although I think the word in polite company may be vintage), most are hand-made and/or upcycled, and at least two are food items from local, um, foodmakers.

I'm not bragging. Every knows I'm the most modest person of all time. No one is ever more modest or humble than me. I mean, my modesty knows no bounds, really. What I am saying is that this is so easy! And so fun! I encourage all seven of you readers (I said I was modest, didn't I?) to try to purchase gifts from places other than Best Buy or Target, or any of the other companies that don't really need your money. Also, look at these baby shoes:
Who wouldn't want a pair of vintage white baby shoes?

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Chelsea said...

I bought two of my four total gifts I'm giving from Etsy. And it was magical.