Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shake Your Tail Feathers

A year or two ago, I was walking down Newbury Street in Boston. For those of you not from New England, Newbury is the major shopping district in Boston, with shops like Betsy Johnson, Rag & Bone, Chanel, Petit Bateau, and a few Second Time Arounds for those of us who cannot spend $500 on a skirt.
 I don't remember what shop it was, but I saw a skirt in a store window, made with white ostrich feather trim. It wasn't in Second Time Around, unfortunately. Sometime this winter or spring, I stumbled across this on P.S. I Made This.
No sew? Please and thank you. Ostrich feather trim, it turns out, is pricey, which might explain why the skirt I saw on Newbury was $500.


It was $8.99 per yard, and I think I needed 4-5 yards for this skirt. I used a black skirt I thrifted at a Seattle Value Village for $3, and a $5 bottle of fabric glue. Just like the tutorial says, glue, layer, glue some more. I wore it the other night to a friend's concert in Boston with a plain grey T, and now I want to wear it all the time. 
I have absolutely no idea how I am ever going to wash it.

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