Monday, August 6, 2012

Ode to an A

It's possible to write, "I spilled coffee on my computer," but if I need to specify much further, things get tricky.

This is the second time coffee's seeped into the crevices between my keys, & spilled into circuits & electronics I don't know how to fix.

But this time, it's serious, since English's vowels number just five (& sometimes six), I'm left with only four (& sometimes five)--quite the deficit, in my opinion.

I could ctrl+C & ctrl+V, slowly & tediously typing student comments & electronic letters to school districts throughout the U.S. I could use those terrible on-screen keys, clicking with the mouse every third word or so.

Or, I could continue to spend 30 minutes writing seven odd sentences, skirting words with the sticky key & getting clever with synonyms & uncommon sentence structures.

But it's more likely I'll tke my lptop to  computer repir shop nd sk them to fix the broken keybord--with prticulr ttention to my letter "_".

1 comment:

Ardith said...

You're cute.

I did not need the letter "a" to help with my sentence.