Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wise Words

Carla, Patrick's mother, made us dinner tonight, for our first meal in Alabama. It was, in his father's terms, a veritable feast, which led us to the dictionary to look up the actual definition of veritable. Then the actual definition of virtual. Neither of which mattered when we sat down to pork chops & black-eyed peas & okra from the garden & tomatoes & yellow squash & green beans & cornbread & corn & lemon pie.

Patrick's grandfather drove in from Florence, Alabama to meet us for dinner, and when the conversation at the table turned to politics & the state of not only the country but the world, he said, "I think the world now is better than it has ever been."

That is something very important to remember.

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Scar said...

i would have to agree. life in the south must be good. bring some back with you.