Friday, December 25, 2009

I'm a toys 'r us kid

In the words of John McCrey, "I just want to play on my pan pipes, I just want to drink me some wine. As soon as we're born we start dying, so we might as well have a good time, alright..."

Now, I may be in a graduate program, and I may be a big girl who pays her bills on time and does the dishes before they take over the entire counter. But I refuse to grow up any further than that.

I've spent the holidays so far attending engagement parties and offering congratulations on up and coming nuptials, snuggling babies and grading papers one-handed, and fielding questions regarding any possible dates of my own future doom....errrrr.....marriage.

Well, let me just tell you. It is hard to grade papers and enter grades with a baby on one's arm. I can imagine it would be almost as hard with a ring on one's finger.

Now, I could temper this post with disclaimers, with cries of "to each his own!" and "I know not everyone would be happy this way!" but Ben and Alyssa know (and Sam and Jon....and the list goes on and on!) that I couldn't be happier for them. They know. But they also know, bless them, that I would not be happy in their position. And I know that they are happy for me, for my position.

Someday, I will grow up. I will be a professor and own a home and tend to my tomatoes and stay in on Saturday nights (well, maybe....). But for now, I am young. I am a student. I will play Rock Band and stay up until 3 am on a weeknight watching movies if I want to. I will have "grading parties" that turn into something entirely unrelated to grading papers. I will dress up in party dresses to sing karaoke. For now, I am young.

Merry Christmas! And to all a good night.


Chelsea said...

I second this post. What IS it about the holidays that bring out the "M" word??

Excuse me, I have to go write a toast for another wedding....

Ardith said...

Who knew that engagement parties would lead to "6 people fit comfortably in your pantry?"

I sure didn't.

Anonymous said...

Aww Ashley we love you! And I get what you're saying, to each his own and all that jazz. But that universal truth is what makes friendships work, acceptance and being happy for those around you!