Thursday, January 7, 2010

Savoring My Days

Before I moved to New Hampshire, I brainstormed fairly often with Chelsea about ways to "savor our days," and to emulate (in the least creepy way possible) Yellow's unabashed love for life and all things spectacular and simple. We planned to (separately, of course, as Chelsea lives in Scotland...) bake bread, and craft, and go on picnics, and play games, and hunt for beautiful things at antique shops, and cook lovely dinners and just revel in anything and everything we could.

For me, this turned quite quickly into stacks of student papers to grade, into days spent cooped up in my New Hampshire apartment, car-less, into writing frenzies to get through deadlines.

Now, as a rule I don't make resolutions. I have never kept them, anyway, and I don't see January 1st as a day that is better than any other for turning over new leaves. I am still a fan, however, of savoring my days, and plan to do so in a variety of ways.

I will:
-have better posture
-host potlucks more often
-invite people over to dinner regularly and bake for them
-make bread with my hands
-make everything i can with my hands
-drink more good wine amongst friends

I suppose, in all actuality, those are resolutions. But I am not resolving to complete anything. Once I host one potluck I won't be finished. I am resolving to savor my days, to hold on to those moments, those little things that remind me why I moved to New Hampshire (and also those things that remind me why I am always so eager to return to the Northwest as well).


Yellow said...

I don't want to sappy, but that was such a lovely thing to say that if I were just a little more honest, I might tell you I teared up a bit. I think resolutions, even when we break them (I've only eaten breakfast once so far), are kind of fantastic, if only just to say that we are alive, aware of what we'd like life to be, and willing to try. I need to add some of yours to my list - especially the whole wine and friends thing.

Joanne said...

Beautiful, Ashley. Just the very best kind of resolve. May you find much to savor in 2010.