Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Mess, A Tangle

This is one organism. One. Look at all of those strings of being, tangled up together, intermingled and messy!

I am sitting here, procrastinating, struggling to find the connections between the Quarto and the Folio texts of Shakespeare's Othello. And I might be waxing a bit too poetic, but I am thinking about this jellyfish, and how it is just one big tangled mess, and there is no need to make any connections because it is all already connected. I highly doubt my professor would take that as a thesis for this presentation, however.

One last thought on jellyfish, before I return to untangling the mess of textual difference that is Shakespeare's words.

I am reminded of this past summer in Bellingham, when, during a trip to Clayton beach with some friends, we found a small jellyfish in the water. I'm usually one for poking marine animals with sticks, but I didn't want to puncture the jellyfish, so we held it in our hands, cupping it and a handful of saltwater, pouring more in from time to time as it leaked out of our hands.

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