Friday, February 5, 2010

What's my age again?

The other day, after taking attendance in my composition class, I realized I had been squinting the whole time. I put down my attendance list, and muttered, under my breath, of course, "No wonder I can't see you guys..." my voice trailing off at the end. I then began rummaging around in my giant purse for my glasses, put them on, and sighed, "that's better."

My students, the poor things, have no idea what to make of this absent-minded old woman in a 23 year old's body who is trying to teach them to write.


Yellow said...

At least you didn't reference the show Party of Five in class. That went over well...once they realized I wasn't making it up.

Chelsea said...

Um, at least you can see without glasses?

Also, old age builds credibility. And Party of Five is old? Crap. Crap.

Ashley said...

Ahhh, the silver lining!