Monday, February 8, 2010


I am feeling it again. That pull to somewhere else. To a new place. A new country. A new set of rules and codes and cultural niceties. A new language, perhaps. A change of pace from the daily American grind.

I browsed pictures of Brazil today, and the other night I found myself idly searching found the perfect family just outside of Madrid. I feel pulled to India, to Thailand, to places I've hardly thought of and places where I would not be at home. There comes a time--and I think I've reached it--when clicking the next button on archived pictures of France no longer cuts it.

I'm thinking Taiwan next, or maybe Spain again. For now, on my measly TA salary, a weekend trip to Boston might have to suffice. Or a few days spent in beautiful Albuquerque! For now.


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don't trust a family requesting an au pair...they might sell you into the sex trade!!