Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

I recently returned from a quick five day trip back to the west side, the majority of which I spent in a delirious, sleep-deprived haze. While everyone back home wept and shed bittersweet tears at my sister's graduation from medical school and hooding ceremony, I, personally, was filled with glee.

After taking the Hippocratic Oath, my sister and her husband drove 3,000 miles to a new home and hospital that is exactly 1.5 hours away from me (or 3 if it is Gay Pride weekend and the traffic is horrendous--though brightly colored).

I visited them last weekend, and briefly toured their neighborhood that is filled with elderly African American women wearing fabulous black crowns, Dominican restaurants, a Gay Pride block party sponsored by Budweiser, and barbershops and hair salons geared specifically for those with hair of the kinky persuasion (more on this diversity in an upcoming post! Stay tuned, ladies and gents).

While she will be busy running around the emergency room with blood on her hands, furiously suturing wounds, I have her work schedule, and intend on imposing (don't worry, Sister, my brand of imposing involves coming over, cleaning your floor while sharing a glass of wine with you, bringing you homemade bread, and artfully arranging a beautiful breakfast fruit salad for the three of us) as much as humanly possible. For now, I am waiting patiently for the moment when I can make introductions to my friends in New Hampshire, and say, "This is my sister, Dr. Reichenbach."

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Chelsea said...

I'm so excited you'll have your sister close! Also, I am gone for a week and you completely redo your blog? GAH.