Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, New England

New Hampshire, I have given you my all and now I am nothing. I'm addressing you, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire I can't breathe in your humid air, in this 90 degree weather that sits sticky and hot in places we don't mention in polite conversation.

When will you change the back of the state quarter? When will you acknowledge that the Old Man of the Mountain has fallen and won't come back?

New Hampshire, go fuck yourself with your damn mosquitoes and poison ivy. I'm tired of looking like I have a contagious disease.

New Hampshire your buses don't run, don't brag about being green.

New Hampshire when will I love you for good?
When will you bring everyone home?
When will your weather patterns find a happy medium?

New Hampshire I see no one here but people like me. New Hampshire where is your diversity? I am tired of white faces. I have no Chinatown to wander drunk in.

New Hampshire you've brought out your bunting. You're living free. New Hampshire I see your colonial pride, your four hundred and fifty years of history.

New Hampshire, I am not writing to me and I never will be.

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