Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Whole Year

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary not only of Ian's blog but also of mine and Ian's life in New Hampshire. Granted, Ian has had the luxury of being in the blessed Northwest this summer, so it's really only me who's actually lived here year.

And it has been a year.

To celebrate, a friend and I decided to do things in the area that we had never done, but always felt like we should do. We went to the mall, ate Annabelle's ice cream, drove up and down the Maine coast for a few hours, and had mimosas. Alright, so we've both had mimosas in this state before, but still. Who's lived somewhere for a year and never been to the mall?

Happy one year anniversary, New Hampshire. You're no Perpignan, but your binary options for lifestyles do appeal to me. I'll live free, thank you.


Ian D said...

I too choose to live free. It's better than the alternative. Oh yes, I intend to get to the Maine coast when I get back. Also, at some point, NYC (not really New England-y, but come on, I've lived on the east coast for a year and still haven't been to New York?).

In a weird way, I'm starting to look forward to coming back.

Chelsea said...

Also, your anniversary of NH living is Matt's birthday. You planned that, didn't you?