Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is it About 20-Somethings? is exactly the question.

I realize I'm a little late coming to this post, but I've been busy being a twenty something. And, according to this New York Times article, you cannot judge me for it. Okay?

To be honest, I began this post on the 19th of August, but I was subsequently caught in a twisted mass of boxes and table legs, of rosters and TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLAR stacks worth of books by Edith Wharton, Seamus Heaney, Henry James, and the timeless Ernest. Hemingway, that is.

And, as such, my scatterbrained mind has entirely forgotten all the quips I had planned for this post, all the commentary I had lined up for your entertainment.

Probably the gist was that I completely agree. That the stages of development and adulthood are changing. That almost no one I know has a career, or children, or a spouse (let alone all three). That this is by no means universal, but the author surely must have had me and the late twenty-somethings I attend graduate school with on their minds while their keys clicked away. And also probably that I think you should read it. Yes, you.



Chelsea said...

I did read this when it came out and nodded my head a lot. The people I know that are 20-something and married/have children/have careers seem way out of my league. I congratulate myself for at least knowing what I want to do with my life at 26!

Scar said...

i was beginning to think you had forgotten you had a blog. what do they think about those of us who are married and have careers but still aren't grown-ups?

Ashley said...

you still fall under the category explained in the article. don't you worry.

Ardith said...

This article is actually required reading for one of my grad school classes. And it is definitely about me.