Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making Martha Proud

This year, I am hosting the Friendsgiving in NH, for those of us who live too far away from home to fly back for just a few days. Last year's was just a handful of us, but between the new MFA students and my English friends coming to visit, I think we're going to have a houseful.

While I may delight in cooking elaborate meals, I am a little nervous about Thanksgiving. I've never roasted a turkey before (do I brine it?! deep-fry it?! stuff it or cook the stuffing outside of it?!), nor have I had to coordinate such a large meal for so many people.

So I have, of course, made a spreadsheet, including invitees, the dish they are bringing, the drinks they are bringing, and the corresponding poundage of turkey I'll be required to provide.

Next thing you know I'll be fussing over place settings and buying napkin rings (I really want napkin rings).


Scar said...

oh good while you're calculating tell me how big a turkey i have to make. we need to talk shopping lists.

Chelsea said...

Ah, yes. This was me last year too. This year, however, I am far too relaxed and worried that my dinner won't be quite as successful. Which is unfortunate, since I am most definitely inviting some faculty this time.