Sunday, December 4, 2011

Better than a cornballer

Sometimes, on a Saturday at 7:30, you might decide to make a homemade corndog. And if you do, you will go to the store, and buy hotdogs and cheese (um, because you can't fry corndogs and not make fried cheese) and skewers and pancake mix, and take them home. And by this time, it may be already eight o'clock, but you'll thread the skewers into the hotdogs and rectangles of cheese, and then you'll mix together the pancake batter with water, and an egg, and some cornmeal, and it will look something like this:
And you can put it in a beer stein that you won in college and use to drink water, so that the sticks don't get covered in batter, too. Then, you will be starving, and you'll take your roommate's Le Creuset, because its oval shape is the perfect shape for a corndog. Then, on Saturday nights like these, you will heat vegetable oil and drop in a hot-dog covered in batter, and watch it brown. What happens next, probably around nine pm, is delicious.

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Chelsea said...

This is seriously the most amazing cooking you've ever done.