Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cheer(ing Up)

In an effort to bolster the Christmas spirit, and wrap up a fairly emotionally draining week (of note: do not drive north on 405 at 4:30 pm if you are already stressed, and when applying to graduate programs and fellowships simultaneously with your significant other, do what you can to choose programs with varying application deadlines), I went to do some crafts & decorations shopping at Joann Fabrics and Target today. After lights and holiday shoppers and cinnamon pinecones and glitter balls and chicken tikki and holiday scented candles, we came back to my house to finish grading for ITT Tech and do some online work for Patrick's new teaching job.

If lighting pine-forest scented candles doesn't give me the holly jollies (not those kind of jollies, jeez!), then hot-gluing felt Christmas trees to a red tree skirt sure will.

And if that doesn't, almost lighting both of our faces on fire when trying to douse a candle holder that mysteriously went up in flames (honestly, glass doesn't just...burn...does it?) will have me singing Ave Maria and wiping the tears off my sooty face.

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