Saturday, December 31, 2011

Clanking of Crystal

A friend--who had very good fortune in her professional life in 2011--recently told me that in 2012, we would switch: In 2012, she would get her personal life on the upswing, and I would get my life in order professionally, in terms of jobs and careers.

What's important about this switch-off isn't that I'll get out of my dead-end job(s). It isn't that my hopes for 2012 are that I only have to work one job to pay my bills. What's important isn't that in 2012, I will start on the path toward my future career.

What's important is that in 2011, despite a graduate program that didn't want me to acquire a degree, despite two bratty children who love Dolce & Gabbana and refer to the homeless as "poor," despite answering phones and teaching at ITT Tech, of all places, and working online as a tutor for a corporation not necessarily invested in education, I had a wonderful year.

I graduated, for one thing. I learned to love New Hampshire, and even learned to miss it once I was gone. I traveled three thousand miles with my best friend and cat, stopping in gas stations & parks to eat and laugh and take pictures. I moved home, to a place that even though it's strange--even though I don't quite feel comfortable just yet--is the place I was born, the place I will always come home to. I moved home to my Nest, to work with Ari and see Ardith and live with Kili. 2011 brought me closer to my niece and nephews and brought me two new nephews. And at the risk of sappiness okay everything about this whole post is sappy, but I get to spend every day with Patrick, who in the words of my oldest nephew, is great because "he's nice and wears skinny jeans."

In short, I'm happier than I've ever been, and I'm about to be even happier because I think it's about time to open some champagne. Happy New Year!


Ardith said...

Let's just do this. 2012. Watch out.


Believe in it.

Chelsea said...

Do it. Also, one job? Big dreams, right?