Thursday, January 5, 2012

On Trend

A few days ago, I wore my cardigan backwards to work. Nobody said anything, which is unusual because usually someone says something. I wore knee high knit socks to work a few weeks back, over brown tights and with a dress. One of my co-workers--a girl who is actually younger than myself, not just a stodgy old woman unwilling to except the winds of sartorial change (ha!)--said, "you look...different."

I had seen this backwards Kris Kross look on one of the fashion blogs I read, a girl in San Francisco who walks around in too high heels on a too-regular basis. The day I wore it to work, I saw it on several runway models in spring 2012 fashion shows, a few other blogs, and at least one "trend-spotting" site (hey, I spend eight hours a day in front of a computer. What else am I supposed to do?).

It's a funny thing, how fashion works. One weirdo in expensive clothes gets the idea to put his models' sweaters on backwards and that's "on-trend" for spring. The fashion bloggers & sartorially-minded see the runway shows and start wearing their sweaters on backwards a little early, setting the trend for the rest of us. The people like me--who peruse fashion sites and love clothes, but don't frequent NYFW--see it on models and bloggers and wear it out in real life, to their office jobs as receptionists. By the time spring 2012 is here, backwards cardigans are mainstream, normal, and so hot right now.

For me, the backwards cardigan is an easy way to remix a top, to stretch my modest wardrobe a little further, without having to go clothes shopping again. And god do I love a good low back on anything.


Chelsea said...

I like it. But not as much as I like your face.

Ardith said...

Oh. This is smart. First day of class outfit maybe? Hah. (My first class are the undergrad classes in which I'm enrolled. They will think I am soooo cool.)