Monday, May 21, 2012

Back to Bellingham

Tonight, I am sitting alone in a living room of an apartment that is not mine, trying to knit a green jellyfish without using a pattern. So far, I have half a tentacle. I'm a bottle of sherry shy of retirement.

Lest you be afraid that I spend all my evenings surrounded by cats, furiously knitting & watching Jeopardy (okay, but that actually sounds kind of ideal, to be honest), let me assure you that no less recently than Saturday night I was out pretending I was 21 again. Although, if I'm being honest I spent most evenings knitting with a cat on my lap at age 21, too.

This weekend was "Back to Bellingham" weekend, Western's half-hearted--though pleasantly more alliterative--attempt at Alumni Weekend. Ari, Ardith & I drove up for Ardith's thesis adviser's retirement party, and also because we were in dire need of highlighter yellow sweatshirts:
Like most trips to Bellingham, this one revolved around walking through Western's campus, and food & drink. I believe the proper term to use here is "yolo," nolo?

Pamplona numero uno.
A sample. Elkhorn were our fave.
When Patrick and I went to Bellingham this past fall, it was rainy & cold & miserable & all my favorite bars were packed. Well, most of them, because I will never say no to a gin & tonic at the Shoe. This time around, we made it to Bayou on Bay for a little of this

Temple Bar has long been a favorite of mine (thanks to Chelsea, my saving grace when it comes to wine & cheese tips!) because the happy hour special is a bottle of wine and a cheese plate FOR FIFTEEN DOLLARS. We could have stayed all day, but the waitress brought our check. I think we were a little loud for the laid back ambiance. Weird. 

We stopped in at the Honeymoon for a glass of mead, but ended the night at the Beaver, where almost 5 years ago I ended my 21st birthday. It's moved to a new location, but the bartender--and the deep-fried macaroni & cheese triangles--are the same old same old.

It was exactly the way I needed to spend the penultimate weekend before my return to the East coast--because in a year where many things have gone terribly wrong, it was so lovely to have a reminder of why Seattle will always be home.

Also this happened:
I have the best friends in the world.


Ardith said...

It was a good weekend. YOLO.

Everything about it--especially the highlighter yellow sweatshirts (and my grey crewneck that I have worn every single night after work)--was perfect.

"...I know what it's like."

Chelsea said...

Ahhhh, this makes me so happy and sad. Happy that you got to enjoy this and SO SAD that we won't be able to go to Temple Bar and Honeymoon together when I get back!