Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Between my old roommate moving out of my apartment in March & taking all her furniture with her, moving to stay with Matt & Patrick in their place for the month of May, housesitting in Issaquah for a week, packing up a car & moving across the country, and unpacking in Boston, today is quite literally the first day in months I've sat down in a furnished apartment with (most) of my belongings unpacked and in their places.

We'll forget about the boxes of books & kitchen items in Ari & Brendan's carriage house in Issaquah, and also about the entire box of books that USPS managed to lose on its way to Boston. To be fair, the box arrived just fine. The books, however, were not inside. Why, no, USPS, I did not want every single cookbook I owned. Not at all.

We arrived in Boston Monday evening, furiously unloaded the car, and sped off to dinner at the Painted Burro, a place Scarlet had heard rave reviews about. Get the barbacoa, and be prepared that the "dos tacos" plates are only two tacos. Weird. Last night, after working & unpacking for the morning & afternoon, we headed up to New Hampshire to visit a few friends for the evening. After some Chinese food, bluegrass at the Stone Church, a morning crepe, and a flat tire, we made it back to Boston this afternoon for more work, more unpacking, and more organizing.

I'm beat.

But it feels so good to be in a place. A home. And know that I'll be here a while.

Did I mention Scarlet got an offer on the condo? We're moving in another month. Or not. It's unclear right now, but I'm taking comfort in the fact that at least during this interim period I'll have a bed to sleep in, a couch to watch tv on, and a cozy chair to blog from. And thank god I packed The Breadbaker's Apprentice with me in the car instead of shipping it media mail, too.


Joanne said...

So sad that you lost your cookbooks. :-((

At least you can bake bread.

Chelsea said...

Noooo, all your cookbooks? Tragic.

Ashley said...

I knoooow! I can remember a few of them, and I figure that I'll just buy the ones I can remember and then use it as an excuse to get a few new ones. Sigh. :)