Friday, July 20, 2012

"I Heard You Guys are Moving to Rural Maine"

Please add the above to the list of things I never thought I would hear anyone ever say to me. To be fair, it's not exactly rural Maine, especially when you consider how very rural certain northern and western parts of Maine can be. It's York Village (so, I suppose an apology is owed to my youngest not anymore! nephew, at whom I oo'd and aww'd when he told me he wished I wasn't moving to a different village. Buddy, you were actually correct, and not just cute), which is on the seacoast, about ten minutes from Portsmouth, NH. And it's just a five minute walk from the place we'll be living come September down to the center of York Village, which boasts not only coffeeshops, but restaurants and bars as well. I believe there may even be a hair salon. Maybe.

To also be fair, the house is up a long driveway, set back from the road. It's also on a pond, and there are willow trees, and when we went to meet the couple that owns the property there was a heron perched in its branches. It's a little white house, two stories, with shutters and a sun porch, and a fireplace. In the front yard, there is a bench and a table and and some chairs, and there is a grill for September and October, before it gets too snowy to spend very long outside. The upstairs has three bedrooms, though very small ones--but there is still plenty of room for you to visit. I'll make you a tea hot toddy and tell you about the weird animals I see out my windows.

Just a little ways away is a fruit stand where there is a dog named Pearl and some really beautiful blueberries, and on the way to Kittery there is a meat market that belongs to "Carl" and a bakery called the Beach Pea. Maine, if you didn't know, is also called "Vacationland," and its very well-put slogan is "The Way Life Should Be." Alternatively: "Lobster." Either way, I'm sold.

I will miss Boston, but I think I'm learning that I value a good yard more than I do a large and bustling city--especially this year, which I'll spend locked up inside writing personal statements and studying for the GREs. Again.

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Chelsea said...

This sounds glorious. I would like to come visit.