Friday, August 31, 2012

Paging Mrs. Robinson

In the interest of sanity, time management, and okra, I've left off work on my graduate school applications for much of August.

This has, admittedly, been easy to do, but now that it's August 31st and deadlines are looming, I'm feeling a bit frantic. I have thirteen applications to get together, as well as two GRE test to study for. I have one writing sample to revise, shorten, and revise again (and again, if my adviser has anything to say about it...) and several versions of a personal statement to write. There are fees to pay, and transcripts to order, and UNH to thank for not charging $10 a pop for an official copy of my grades.

These next three months are going to be a doozy.

December 1st is my first deadline. Graduate school, I'm coming for you.

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