Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sustaining the Obvious

I made those. If you don't know what they are, it's because 1. This picture is impossibly close to them or 2. You don't know why I would take a picture of some knit squares, let alone make a stack of knit squares--and then blog about them.

They are 100% organic cotton squares knit in a seed stitch, which basically means alternating purl & knit stitches, both horizontally & vertically. For lack of a better description, this makes them texturally bumpy.

This is all important only because I decided that instead of buying bags of cotton balls and throwing at least two of them away every single day, I thought I'd do a little to reduce my footprint and make reusable cotton balls squares.

They feel great! That bumpy texture is kind of like an exfoliant, but only very slightly, and I can wash them & reuse ad infinitum. This is perfect, because now I can feel great about myself and how much I'm doing for the planet as I sit inside my air-conditioned condo & drink fair-trade coffee that was flown in from South America on a fossil fuel guzzling jet plane.


Ardith said...

I can't knit, so I was going to buy a pack from someone on Etsy. But maybe you could keep busy and make me some.

And then ship them across the States. Or, y'know, wait until I arrive on a jet plane on the East Coast.

Ashley said...

I can make that happen for you. That sentence took so many a's.

Chelsea said...

What a great idea - you should sell 'em!