Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Being Without Roots, Momentarily

Tomorrow, all of our belongings need to be packed up and driven to Deerfield, NH, where the bags and boxes and suitcases and rubbermaid tubs will sit until September 8th, when we get the keys to our place in York, ME.

Saturday morning, we will drive to the airport at roughly 4:45am to catch a flight to Detroit, where we will catch another plane to Huntsville, AL, where Patrick's parents will pick us up for two and a half weeks of family visiting, southern road trips, and barbecue--during which time my poor Clementine will be a homeless vagabond, shuttling from Massachusetts to New Hampshire in a series of cat-sitting adventures.

On the 6th of September, we will return for two more days of homelessness, before moving in to the Mill Pond house.

People, do not try to plan a trip during a cross-state-lines move. I'm tired & cranky & my stuff is all in boxes (again) & I can't wait to be home. September 8th is becoming my mantra.

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