Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chelsea Handler Moment of the Week

Yesterday, after a 15 hour day on campus, during which I had to deal with seven student conferences (in addition to the twenty four I had given the day before), a class of freshmen that can't for the life of them understand that in college we bring our textbooks to class, a furious attempt to burn EVERY DVD that my workstudy office holds to mail to a man in Texas, and a class rescheduling that required me to be on campus in a classroom, discussing Othello until 9:30 pm, I decided to go to the bar down the street in Durham.

Yes, I was alone. Yes, it was a Tuesday. But I needed a bloody mary. The bartender told me they didn't have tomato juice, to which I replied, "Okay, I'll have a gin and tonic. But can you make it a double?"

The bartender looked at me, oddly confused. "It's two for one night."

Blank stare on my end, this time. I asked, "Allllright. Can I have two gin and tonics? But can you put them in one cup?"

The bartender's friend asked me if it had been a long day. I nodded, and went into the corner to nurse my drink, puzzle through yet another Spivak article, and eye the drunk frat boys at the bar, envious of their ability to let loose on a Tuesday night.

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Chelsea said...

Two for one night? I think I want to come visit...