Monday, December 19, 2011


Confession: I think I've used this title before.

Second Confession: It is still one hundred per cent applicable.

Post: It is no secret that I love to make lists. But this time, I'm not making a list, and instead just telling you about lists. Generally, I'm a paper & pen kind of girl. I love my moleskin planner more than a Cap Hill hipster loves his black-rimmed glasses, and I wouldn't even consider purchasing a handbag that wasn't big enough for both it and at least two pens, unless it were made of glitter & sequins.

But I spend at least forty hours a week in front of a computer screen, trolling the endless fashion & kitchen blogs for ideas, inspiration, and a cure for the ever-present boredom that comes with reception. I've got a pretty good memory, but because I'm spending so much time on the internet, I just can't keep track of every fish I want to fry, every bow I want to tie, or every way to braise a brussel sprout. So I've started a few Google Docs, to try to start an archive of the crafts I want to do and the meals I want to make. I trust that I can keep coming up with my own outfit ideas, so I haven't started bookmarking individual outfit posts (But how will I style that new sccaaaarrrffff???) yet, but it is getting a little laborious to load each of my many fashion blogs every morning when I get to work. I may give Bloglovin a try soon.

I find a lot of crap on the internet. A lot of bloggers who are writing about topics only their friends will be interested in (guilty? potentially), a lot of bloggers whose DIY craft tutorials include printing off small-sized photos & giving them as gifts, a lot of bloggers whose families must hate dinnertime every single night.

What's relieving, though, is that there are an awful lot of interesting, thoughtful, creative people on the internet, too--and it's very, very easy to tell the difference between the two. I can usually tell by the end of the first post if I'm going to enjoy someone's blog. If I make it past the first page, chances are you'll find me obsessively reading through the blogger's archive back into 2009, eyes bloodshot, hours later. So now, when I've got a vegetable drawer full of leeks, some leftover feta, and a cupboard full of beans, I can pull up my Bookmarked Recipes page and see this, instead of a ragtag assembly of unrelated ingredients and the whole wide Internet at my fingertips.


Sammiham said...
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Sammiham said...

Have you heard of pintrest? It will save you the google docs and you could even have a style board.

Chelsea said...

Yes! I started a separate food tumblr just so I could keep ALL the recipes I find around the internet there.